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A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Easy Journey to Other Planets English

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Interplanetary travels become easy when the proper authentic process being followed by. This book aids us with information about such travels with pros and cons. It is said that the perfect yogi can relinquish his body at death and journey, at the speed of mind, to antimaterial planets far beyond the limits of the material universe.

Encompassing the systems of Sankhya, Astanga, and Bhakti, this absorbing publication treats the science of yoga, particularly in its application to out-of-body travel. Forget NASA’s elaborate arrangements and huge, dangerous metal machines. Learn the easy way to journey through the solar system.

The perfection of science will occur when it is possible for the material scientists to know the qualities of the antimaterial particle and liberate it from the association of nonpermanent, material particles. Such liberation would mark the culmination of scientific progress.


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Easy journey to other planets

Entering the antimaterial world

The individual living beings can very easily enter the antimaterial world. How? By practicing antimaterial activities while residing in the material world.

A news – February 21, 1960, Moscow news release reported:

“Russia’s well-known professor of astronomy Boris Vorontsov-Veliaminov said that there must be an infinite number of planets in the universe inhabited by beings endowed with reason.”

Training of mind

This means that anyone who trains the mind to turn from matter to the spiritual form of Godhead by performance of the prescribed rules of devotional service can easily attain the kingdom of God, in the antimaterial sky. And of this, there is no doubt.

Gross body and Subtle body

If one wants to go to the higher material planets, he can keep his finer dress (subtle body) of mind, intelligence, and false ego, but has to leave his gross dress (material body) made of earth, water, fire, etc.


  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Antimaterial Worlds
  • Chapter 2: Varieties of Planetary Systems

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    Arpit Pandey

    However, interplanetary travel is possible but to reach the supreme destination the abode of God Krsna is the purpose of life as is recommended in Gita by Krsna Himself.


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