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A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Science of Self Realization English

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The Science of Self-Realization demystifies the secrets of the self within, nature and universe, and the Supreme Self within and without. Here the world’s most renowned teacher of Vedic Wisdom talks about meditation and practicing yoga for the modern age, how to be free from the knot of karma, and much more.

In this collection of articles by Srila Prabhupada from Back to Godhead magazine, we discover the oldest and most essential of all sciences – the one that modern scientists are mostly in the dark about. Throughout this book, Srila Prabhupada explains how you can go beyond limited, short-lived enjoyment and experience the unlimited and lasting pleasure of the inner self.


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The Science of Self Realization

Challenging spirit will not save us

Sometimes we feel like what we cannot see does not exist. We confidently conclude, ?There is no God,? or ?I am God,? or even, ?I don’t care for God.? But in actuality, this challenging spirit will not save us. God is there, and we can see Him at every moment. If we refuse to see God in our life, then He will be present before us as cruel death.

Knowledge of the soul is most important

People who do not believe in the soul are in a most unfortunate condition. They do not know where they came from nor where they are going. Knowledge of the soul is the most important knowledge, but it is not discussed in any university.

Universal brotherhood

This realization is wanting. Krishna claims proprietorship over all forms?including American forms, African forms, cat forms, dog forms, tree forms, etc.?for in actuality He is the proprietor and the Supreme Father.

Being non-enviousness

Indeed, it may even be said that a person is worshipable simply if he is non-envious, for it is only possible to be non-envious on the spiritual platform.


  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • 1: Learning the Science of the Self
  • 2: Choosing a Spiritual Master
  • 3: Discovering the Roots
  • 4: Understanding Krsna and Christ
  • 5: Practicing Yoga in the Modern Age
  • 6: Finding Spiritual Solutions to Material Problems
  • 7: Exploring the Spiritual Frontier
  • 8: Attaining Perfection

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  • Arpit Pandey

    Arpit Pandey

    A stunning book to understand the soul by analysis of differentiating spirit and matter.


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