Kanti Mala Regular 3 Round (Parachute Thread)


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Neck Beads made of Tulsi (Kanthi Mala)

Traditional knots are made between beads to form a Kanthi Mala / Neck Beads. This mala is auspicious for everyone, especially those who are Vaishnavas or devotees of Lord Vishnu.

Benefits of Wearing Tulasi Kanthi / Mala:

1. Destroys greatest of sins

2. Sri Hari is always with you

3. Million Times benefit from Punya karmas, pitr or devata puja

4. Yamaraja stays far away

5. Gives complete protection from bad dreams, accidents, attacks by weapons, and the Yamaduttas

Importance of Tulasi Maharani

Tulasi Maharani has a significant role in the Vaishnava tradition. She can give us pure love of Godhead. Therefore, devotees worship her for the pleasure of Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna.

Wearing this mala and engaging in mantra meditation (chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra) bring holistic spiritual well-being to families. Many spiritually inclined people throughout the world wear such necklaces of Tulasi wood (Tulasi kanthi mala). Tulasi Maharani is sacred to Lord Krishna and His followers. However, there are many widespread taboos and misconceptions regarding who can and cannot wear Tulasi.

Can we wear Tulasi beads even if we are not clean, like not having a bath or am on the bed when sick or unclean after using the washroom?

Ans. You can wear the beads in all these situations.

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