Goloka Patchouli Dhoop Cone Pocket 12*10 gms

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Patchouli Goloka Dhoop cones is 100% natural, made with crushed flowers, herbs, and roots. It
bring you the long-lasting pleasure of exotic fragrance and will add liveliness and freshness to the ambiance.


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Patchouli Goloka Dhoop Cones brings you the lovely fragrance from a garden of flowers and other natural ingredients, which immediately grabs the organ of smell and fills your consciousness with devotion. You will have a transcendental experience as a result of it.

The products of Goloka are well-known. It produces and exports incense sticks from India, including conventional incense sticks, florasense, and Padmini incense sticks. We have been producing a wide range of incense sticks, including Indian Incense Sticks, Traditional Incense Sticks, Florasense Incense Sticks, Padmini Incense Sticks, Natural Floral Incense Sticks, Natural Malayaja (Sandal) Incense Sticks, Perfumed Floral Incense Sticks, Natural Madhu Masala Incense Sticks, Dhoop Sticks, Puja Items, and Good Earth Incense Sticks.

Particular Description
Weight 120 gm
Product fragrance Patchouli
Each Pack Contains 10 Cones
No. of Packs in a Box 1 DOZEN or 12 Packets
Carton Contains 48 DOZEN or 48 Boxes
Maximum Shelf Life 24 Months
Handmade Yes

Additional information

Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 7 cm
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  • Prabhupada World

    Arpit pandey

    Dhoop cones are known to cleanse awful air and create a more cheerful environment. … Crafted out of the finest quality components, it is a must-have to purify the atmosphere and leave a fabulous and charming fragrant aroma.


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