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A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

The Perfection of Yoga Marathi

Different yogic techniques have been formulated and practised especially in western countries may or may not be near to the bonafide intuition of yoga. This book provides us with the genuine process and The Perfection of Yoga. What does it mean to practice yoga perfectly? Is it possible today? Find out.

There have been many yoga systems popularized in the Western world, especially in this century, but none of them has actually taught the The Perfection of Yoga. In the Bhagavad-Gita, Sri Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, teaches Arjuna directly the The Perfection of Yoga. It is certainly remarkable that the The Perfection of Yoga was taught in the middle of a battlefield. It was taught to Arjuna, the warrior, just before Arjuna was to engage in a fratricidal battle.


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The Perfection of Yoga

Bliss of Yoga

Real The Perfection of Yoga means to fix up the mind at the lotus feet of Krishna

Beyond eightfold perfection

The breathing exercises and disciplines to keep health in proper order are not the ultimate goals of yoga perfection. Such yoga system as generally understood is Astanga-yoga, or siddhi, eightfold perfection in yoga.

Yogi, Yogisvara and Yogesvara

Yogisvara indicates that no one can surpass the yoga practice of Lord Siva, and Yogesvara indicates that no one can surpass the yogic perfection of Krsna.

Attaining ultimate perfection in Yoga

One may argue that one may achieve the ultimate goal of life?realization of the Supersoul?by practicing the yoga system and ritualistic performances according to the Vedic principles, even without staunch devotion to the spiritual master. The actual fact, however, is that by practicing yoga one must come to the platform of meditating upon the Supreme Personality of Godhead. (?r?mad-Bh?gavatam 7.15.28)

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