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A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

The journey of Self Discovery Hindi

Are you in any way dissatisfied with your life as it now stands? Has the pursuit, or even the achievement, of the goals you have set for yourself become somewhat frustrating? If so, read on.

Seen in this way, life becomes a journey of self-discovery, and that is the theme of this book. The Journey of Self-Discovery is your guide to a new way of looking at life, a way proven to lead you to higher levels of awareness and satisfaction.


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The journey of self discovery

Seeing Krsna face to face

Krishna is looking for, how eager you are to see Him. Krishna will respond. If you are actually eager to see Krishna?whether you are lusty, or you want to steal His ornaments, or some way or other you have become attracted to Krishna?then it is sure your efforts will be successful.

How eagerness could be evoked?

So, this eagerness is a very important thing. But it can be awakened only by the association of devotees. Therefore we are giving everyone a chance to invoke that eagerness. Then you’ll see God, face to face.

No one can become master

But others are thinking, ?Why should I become a servant of God? I shall become the master.? Actually, no one can become the master. And if someone tries to become the master, he simply becomes the servant of his senses. That’s all.

Try to understand how strong the senses are…

It is not simply young men who are servants of their senses. One may be seventy-five years old, eighty years old, or even at the point of death?still one is the servant of the senses. The senses are never satisfied.


  • Introduction
  • 1: The Journey of Self-Discovery
  • 2: Superconsciousness
  • 3: The Pleasure Principle
  • 4: The Spiritual Master
  • 5: Yoga and Meditation
  • 6: Material Problems, Spiritual Solutions
  • 7: Perspectives on Science and Philosophy

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