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A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Punaragaman (Coming Back) Hindi

Do we exist after death? Do we have any control over death? Does reincarnation is a factor in some beliefs or inevitable truth? Many such questions have been resolved with proper reasoning.

Coming Back‘ is known to be the most comprehensive and easy to understand explanation of reincarnations ever published. Questions such as do life begin with birth and cease to exist with death? Is reincarnation a truth or a hoax? Can anyone control their reincarnation? have knocked on the doors of human mind since time immemorial.


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Coming Back: The Science of Reincarnation

Beyond suspicion

This book is remarkable because it is an excerpt from Vedic literature which is beyond suspicion and omission. It shows you the ethical scientific process of transmigration and reincarnation.

This incarnation is going on every minute

This is a medical, scientific point. We are changing our body every second, every minute. This change is the same thing as we can transfer your identity from one body to another.

Ultimate change of body – death

So similarly, the ultimate change of this body is called death. When this body is no more workable, then we transmigrate to another body.

The goal of human life

So the soul is eternal; the body is not permanent, temporary, and there are 8,400,000’s of different types of bodies. We are migrating or transmigrating from one to another. This business, if we want to stop… Because we are eternal, our aims and object should be to attain that eternal status. That we can attain by K?????????a consciousness. This is the movement.

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