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A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Krishna – The Supreme Personality of Godhead Telugu

This iThe original account oThe extraordinary activities of Sri Krishna, who appeared on earth 5,000 years ago. Find out why He has enchanted people for centuries.

Always remember Krishna, God. That waThe goal oThe rich spiritual culture that flourished in India for thousands of years. Even today Lord Krishna is remembered and glorified through monumental achievements of art, architecture, drama, music, dance and philosophy


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Krishna – The Supreme Personality Of Godhead

Who is Krsna? Who is the girl with Krsna?

In this book, Krsna, all of His activities as a human being are described. Although Krsna plays like a human being, He always maintains His identity as the Supreme Personality of Godhead

No more Birth, Death, Old age and Disease

Although they’re written just like ordinary story activities of a person. But they are not ordinary things. If you simply read Krsna book, although it looks like story, then you become delivered from these clutches of repetition of birth and death.

Real Love

I have explained in the beginning of Krsna book that love is practical exhibition. It is not theoretical. We cannot keep love within the heart. If actually it is within the heart, it must be expressed practically.

Windows to Spiritual World

Spiritual world means there is no work. There is simply ananda, joyfulness. That you see from reading Krsna book. They’re not working. Krsna is going with the calves and the cows. That is not working. That is amusement.

Lord Krsna personally is all-attractive

Prabhupada was happy listening to Krishna’s pastimes. As the days went by, I would speculate on which stories he liked. He seemed to enjoy hearing about the pastimes of Krishna killing the demons. I was looking for another pastime that Prabhupada would enjoy and perhaps laugh about. But when he saw me looking through the book he said, “Anywhere, anywhere. Krishna is like a sweet ball. Wherever you bite it, it’s sweet. So just read.”

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