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A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Elevation to Krishna Consciousness English

Without Krsna Consciousness or God Conciousness, a person is just like a fish out of water and he cannot be happy inspite of all other material arrangements. But by following the simple but practical process of Krsna Consciousness outlined in this book, we can attain a life of unlimited happiness and pleasure.


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Elevation to Krishna consciousness

The disparity between Dharma and religion

In general usage, the word religion refers to a particular type of faith. The word dharma does not. Dharma indicates the natural occupation of the living entity. For example, wherever there is fire, there is heat and light, so it may be said that heat and light are the dharma of fire. Faith can be changed but dharma can never be changed.

Darwin’s struggle for the fittest is for animals not for Humans

Somehow or other we have come in contact with material nature, and because of the mind and the six senses, we are struggling hard to exist. That is Darwin’s theory?the struggle for existence, survival of the fittest. However, the fact is that our constitutional position is not one of struggle. The struggle is the position of animal life. Human life should be blissful and should have as its goal spiritual advancement.

Perceiving miseries is not pessimism but the genuineness

Human life by nature is full of suffering, and lower life forms are even more miserable. Any sane man with properly discriminating senses can understand that life in the material world is full of miseries and that no one is free from the actions and reactions of such miseries. This is not a pessimistic view of life but is an actual fact which we should not be blind to.

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