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A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Beyond Birth and Death (Janma Mrutyu Se Pare) Hindi

Who are we? Why are we on this planet? What happens to us after death? Is there any life after death? These are some questions which all of us might have asked ourselves or others at least once at one point of time in our life. As increasing numbers of people try to understand what lies beyond death and are reincarnations true as propounded in Vedic scriptures.

Beyond Birth and Death by Srila Prabhupada presents startling evidence of the soul’s incredible journey after death and explains the deep mysteries of reincarnation. This wonderful book would provide you with extensive knowledge hidden deep in the pages of Vedic literature and one to break the cycle of repeated birth and death.


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Beyond Birth and Death

The basic themes of our life are to know what is going to happen after death? What are the elementary facts about reincarnation and liberation? The Vedic scriptures give you a clear understanding of what is the truth about with analytical reasoning.

This book ?Beyond Birth and Death? not only provides information but also gives the resolution to get liberation from the cycle of repeated birth and death and knowing the link of God with us and associating with God.

Perceiving through gross sense is not truth

We cannot see air, radio waves, or sound, nor can we perceive minute bacteria with our blunt senses. But this does not mean they are not there.

Symptoms of the soul are consciousness

A body without consciousness is a dead body. It is a fact that consciousness is absolutely necessary for the animation of the body. The energy of the soul, or self, is produced in the shape of consciousness.

What about birth, disease, old age, and death?

Material scientists have discovered many facilities for sense enjoyment and destruction, but they have discovered no solution to the problems of old age, disease, and death.

Essential teachings are attributed to God

In the West, for example, Lord Jesus Christ spread this same message. Similarly, Lord Buddha and Muhammad. No one advises us to make our permanent settlement here in this material world.


1: We Are Not These Bodies
2: Elevation at Death
3: Liberation from Material Planets
4: The Sky Beyond the Universe
5: Associating with Krsna

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